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About Us

We are a community of like-minded individuals passionate about creating a more resilient and sustainable future for Singapore. Read on to find out more about our mission!

Who We Are

Our team is passionate about supporting local production to reduce the impact of supply chain disruptions in Singapore. From advocating for local farms to promoting sustainable food choices, we're working hard to look for ways to build a sustainable food system for you and future generations. 


Our mission was germinated under EB Impact's Sustainability Exchange, an annual event held in strategic partnership with OCBC Bank and Meta. We are currently being funded by OCBC Bank. We are also enrolled in WWF and Temasek Foundation's Youth Sustainability Incubation Programme.

Interested to find out more? Contact us!

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What We Do

We are an educational web-based platform that provides information on the benefits of local production and local brands. Our primary tool for education is a simulative game that aims to educate Singapore’s youth and create a channel of communication between local producers and students.


Our second focus is to help increase demand for local production through collaborations with institutes of higher education, local producers, and other relevant organizations. Through our website, we strive to create a network for local production in Singapore.

Our Team.

Meet our team of sustainability superheroes who are on a mission to change the food industry for the better. We may be from diverse backgrounds, but when we come together, we're an unbeatable force for sustainability. Our varied experiences and skill sets allow us to approach challenges from multiple angles and find creative solutions. We each bring unique strengths to the table, but what unites us is our shared passion for sustainability and our belief in the power of local production to create positive change. Together, we're making a difference in the food sustainability sector in Singapore.

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